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Wheels MFG Professional Bottom Bracket Tool Kit


Our new tool kit for installing, removing and servicing Wheels Manufacturing bottom brackets. Kit includes our new bottom bracket socket tools for installing and removing our BB cups, along with new sealed bearing extractors for 22mm, 24mm and 30mm ID bearings.


PRESS-9-PRO includes:

T-Handles with 1/2" threaded rod
(2) Universal bottom bracket drift (BB-OB)
(1) 48.5mm/44mm, 16-notch Bottom Bracket Socket
(1) 48.5mm, 16-notch Single Sided BB Socket
(1) 30mm ID sealed bearing extractor
(1) 24mm ID sealed bearing extractor
(1) 22mm ID sealed bearing extractor
(1) receiver cup
(1) 44mm receiver cup sleeve
(1) 42mm receiver cup sleeve
(1) 39mm receiver cup sleeve
(1) bearing pusher shaft
(1) 3/8" to 1/2" square drive adapter
Wood base

259.00 €

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