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Our universal bottom bracket frame drift is designed to press all current Wheels Mfg bottom bracket cups in to your frame. The adapter is machined with multiple steps to fit common bottom bracket shell inside diameters, each step is laser etched with the diameter size.

Inner hole sized to fit 1/2" threaded rod. Not for use with our PRESS-1 or PRESS-4
Compatible with any other press with a 1/2" diameter rod
Recommended for use with Wheels Mfg BP0006, BP0007

Recommended for use with Wheels Mfg 1/2 inch rod Bottom Bracket Presses only.

Drifts fit the following BB shell sizes:

BB30 (42mm)
PF30 (46mm)
BB86, BB92 (41mm)
BBRight (46mm)
BB386EVO (46mm)
Cannondale BB30A (42mm)
Cannondale PF30A (46mm)
Specialized Carbon OSBB (46mm)
Specialized Alloy OSBB (42mm)
TREK BB90, BB95 (37mm)
PF24 (41mm)
Drifts fit the following bottom bracket inner diameters:


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