Näyttö Specialized Turbo -sähköpyöriin.

Kiinnittyy ohjaustankoon, 31.8mm pidike mukana.
Helppo irrottaa.

Näyttää kaikki normaalit toiminnot.

Roiskevesisuojattu IPX7
The new Turbo Connect Display (TCD) is the best way to view data on your Turbo. It not only displays basic ride metrics (speed, cadence, power, battery level, and time), but it also lets you toggle between modes. Its design, meanwhile, is rugged and clean, and it has multiple mounting options for either road or mountain setups.

As for the latest version of the Mission Control App, you’ll find that it now has more features and is even more intuitive to use. It lets you custom-tune nearly every aspect of the bike with ease, monitor your power usage, control your range, perform basic system diagnoses, and record/upload rides.

Monochrome LCD display (black/white).
Screen Size: Height (40mm), Width (35mm), Diagonal (52mm), Display (2 inches)
J87 ANT+ and BT modules for communication.
Sits centrally on handlebar at stem with a twist-lock that or an optional theft-resistant lock.
Twist lock can be turned on handlebar (display also fits others popular mounts).
3mm Allen key locking screw can be reached from the front for easy handling.
Protection standard IPX7 (suitable for splashes, rain, or snow).

120,00 €

Toimitusaika: 2 - 4 päivää

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