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Specialized Flashback Taillight


Hyvä ladattava huomiovalo taakse.
Voidaan kiinnittää lähes mihin vain... kypärään, satulatolppaan, reppuun...

Punainen valo.
4 eri ohjelmaa.
Helppo kiinnittää ja irroittaa.


Put this little bright spot anywhere—your belt, your backpack, your seatpost—and ride on. The Flashback is your go-to savior, packing a mighty “I’m here!” punch to keep you visible on the streets. With its belt clip, you can literally clip it on just about anything, and its compact size makes it a total no-brainer for keeping your ride safe and your street-cred high.

Compact, bright, and waterproof.
Built-in fabric belt clip makes it a clip-anywhere taillight option (seatpost mount included).
Four operating modes: Steady (10 lumens), Power Flash (20 lumens), Disco Flash (14 lumens), Eco Flash (5 lumens).
2- to 20-hour runtime, depending on mode.
Tested and approved for the following Specialized helmet models: Align, Ambush Comp, Chamonix, Propero II, Echelon II

19.90 €

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