Ladattava etu- ja takavalo.

Eteen kirkas ja taakse punainen valo.

Helppo asentaa ja ottaa mukaan.

Kiinnitys tankoon ja satulatolppaan. 22.2mm-35mm
Single-LED headlight oval beam pattern gives a perfect blend of spot and peripheral visibility. Single-LED taillight for rear visibility.
700 + 200mAh rechargeable Li-ion batteries charge in 2:00 hours each with included micro USB cables.
Headlight installs in seconds with a silicone strap system. Just pull the strap under the handlebar and drop it into the slot on the light body.
Includes two different-sized straps to fit every round handlebar cockpit. (Flash headlights are not suitable for aero handlebars.)
Extra bright side lights to give you 180-degree visibility to other cyclists and motorists.
O-ring mount (extra o-ring included) fits all round seatposts.
IPX7 waterproof means these lights will be there when you need them, even in the hardest rain.
White Steady High mode: 300 lumens for 1:30 hours
White Steady Medium mode: 150 lumens for 3:00 hours
White Steady Low mode: 75 lumens for 6:00 hours
White Flash mode: 150 lumens for 12:00 hours
Red Steady mode: 10 lumens for 2:00 hours
Red Power Flash mode: 20 lumens for 4:00 hours
Red Disco Flash mode: 14 lumens for 6:00 hours
Red Eco Flash mode: 5 lumens for 20:00 hours

75,00 €

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