Oikeanpuoleinen Salsa Alternator -dropoutti läpiakselilla.
Säädettävällä asennuskohdalla.

M12 x 1.75
Alternator 2.0 is the latest iteration of Salsa’s adjustable dropout system. Alternator 2.0 Dropouts are a modular system consisting of replaceable dropout plates and fixing hardware. They are specifically designed for, and only compatible with, Salsa frames using the 2.0 system.

Alternator 2.0 Dropout plates are compatible with frames featuring 142, 148, 177, or 197mm spacing
Hardware kits (sold separately) must always be paired with the style of dropout plates being installed on the frame
Allows for the rear axle location to be adjusted through a ~17mm range relative to the bottom bracket axle
Note: This part number only includes a single Alternator 2.0 plate
Thru-axle tread pitch = 1.5

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Toimitusaika: 2 - 4 päivää

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