Pepis Gravel rengasinsertti.

700C/28" XS-koko 40-47mm renkaaseen.

Paino: 53gr. kpl
Sisältää: 2kpl inserttiä, 2kpl tubeless venttiiliä
PTN Gravel Sport new range of ultra-light and resistant PTN inserts specially developed with an exclusive closed cell technopolymer material. Optimizes the functionality of tubeless ready systems. Increases the driving precision, protects tires and rims from impacts, allows you to ride even in runflat at a moderate speed.

PTN now also has tire inserts for use on gravel bikes in its range. The structure and the unique material of the Tire Noodle were specially developed for this purpose and exclusively manufactured for PTN.

The Gravel Sport range is ultra-lightweight and features durable PTN inserts. The tyre insert has been especially developed from closed-cell technopolymer material to increase the functionality of Tubeless Ready systems. Furthermore, the driving precision is improved and the tyre is protected from impacts. In the runflat case, it is also possible to continue riding at moderate speed.

good rim protection
no lateral rolling of the tire
less vibrations

XXS | XS- 650B – approx. 44 | 49 grams (per tire insert)
XXS | XS – 700C – approx. 48 | 53 grams (per tire insert)

69,90 €

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