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Aaron Gwinnin valinta!

NEW! LARGER DIAMETER -Grips feature a larger diameter than the original grips (30.5mm) with offset padding towards the rider for improved comfort.
NEW! SOFTER COMPOUND -Soft Pro Compound provides excellent shock absorption.
NEW! SURFACE PATTERN -Resesigned surface pattern for improved traction and vibration dampening.
NEW! IMPROVED ERGONOMICS -Redesigned Ends provide an improved feel.
ALUMINUM REINFORCED ENDS – Provide extra durability against grip blowout.
ANGLED RIB PATTERN – Thin ribs add control without a bulky feel.
SINGLE CLAMP – Uses our race-proven Version 2.1 Lock-On system.
HARD PLASTIC END – Molded over the aluminum endcap, the end provides durability but will not gouge.

32,90 €

Toimitusaika: 2 - 4 päivää

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