Paremmin suojaava ja liukas ketjuvaha kaikkiin keleihin.
• Advanced chain lubricant for all kinds of conditions. Contains ceramic additives.
• This is our PREMIUM ceramic lube. More protection and longivity on the chain. More protection and longevity on the chain.
• Contains a wax base with ceramic particles that creates greater protection in the chain.
• Once applied, more durability and resistence than Teflon (PTFE)
• For road and mountain.

• Prolongs and protects the life of the transmission
• Reduces noise and friction
• Dry in a few minutes, leaving a lubricating film with low attraction of dirt
and abrasive elements.
• Longer duration between applications.
• Clean transmission for longer
• Easily removed with soap and water.
• Hold departures between 120-150km

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