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Specialized Purist Watergate Bottle - Metro Grid


Specializedin juomapullo isolla suuaukolla.


Purist infusion shields the bottle form odor, stains, and mold to keep your water pure and your bottle clean.
Simple hands-free open and close valve: Nothing to turn.
100% leak-proof top locks down for transport or mixing powdered drinks.
Self-sealing Heart Valve™ delivers a high rate of flow with a 100% leak-proof design—even when the valve is open.
Rubber over-molded on the outside of cap for easy, sure grip.
Made from easy-to-squeeze LDPE material.
Clear viewing strip makes it easy to see the bottle's contents.
BPA-Free plastic is made from 100% FDA food-grade materials, and it's printed with non-solvent base (UV Cured), CPSC-approved ink and materials.

10.00 €

Toimitusaika: 2 - 4 päivää