The Bel-Air V3, launched in 2022 borrows the proven profile of the original Bel-Air, but wrapped in an updated package that’ll complement any performance-driven build.
The V3 saddle has been slimmed down, it’s now shorter in overall length to match current bike geometries and has a slight rear rise. This updated shape provides extra support, comfort, and improved power transfer that’s noticeable on any length ride. Additionally, the updated Bel-Air profile is now constructed with free float comfort flex rail inserts. With more forgiveness at the wings and a new hidden cutout relief to maximize comfort, your undercarriage will thank you.

Proven Profile Utilizes the timeless shape of the current Bel-Air V3, but in a more price point package by using traditional sealing methods.
Cordura Side Panels Protective side panels are stitched to improve the durability of the saddle.
Lightweight EVA Foam - Comfortable, durable and lightweight EVA foam to provide premium foam performance.
Free Float Rail Inserts - Enhances comfort and allows more flex forgiveness on the wings of saddle.
Nylon Glass Base With Bridge - Increases power transfer.
Peri-Canal - Continuous relief channel from tip to tail.
Nose Platform - Wider nose to aid in climbing.
Hidden Undercut - Relief cut-out in bottom of base.

Weight: 315g.

50,00 €

Toimitusaika: 2 - 4 päivää

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