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Revelate Designs Terrapin System Seat Bag 14L


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Tilavuus 14L
Paino 517gr


The Terrapin System is a holster-like mount with integrated RF welded drybag. The load can be quickly removed from the bike for packing/unpacking. With Indie-Rail, each saddle rail is cinched down hard to the sides of the bag, virtually eliminating side to side bag sway without the need for external hardware.

Indie-Rail attachment system and active cam hardware provide a super stable mount without added hardware.
Radio frequency welded drybag with air purge valve
Protective external plastic bottom frame sheet
Aluminum hardware at high-stress points
Composite internal top frame sheet
Revelate exclusive RevX-PAC panels that are 2 times as abrasion resistant as standard VX material.
Foam-stiffened side panels with fiberglass compression stays
External webbing and bungee for additional storage
Carbon seatpost friendly
Compatible with Thudbuster with use of Thudbuster extension
8.5" Minimum of tire clearance required from saddle rails

Important Notes: It is mandatory to check tire clearance prior to use, especially with full suspension bikes. Bag contact with a tire can cause a bad wreck and ruin your day. Tire damage to the bag is not covered by warranty.

This product is not designed for use with dropper seatposts.

This bag is for carrying soft, pliable objects. sufficiently pad any hard edge objects like cookware to prevent premature wear.

The 14L Terrapin® System is not compatible with the Spocket top pouch.

Please evaluate how your system works well before a planned trip.


Weight: Terrapin® - 14oz; Drybag 4.25 oz
Volume: 14 Liters
Materials: Revelate exclusive VX 21 X-pac; Rhinotec; Drybag: 200-denier waterproof TPU laminated ripstop nylon with air purge valve

239.00 €

Toimitusaika: 2 - 4 päivää