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R2 Pros -ajohanska

R2 Pros -ajohanska Hyvin istuva ajohanska. Gel-vaimennettu kammenosa Silikoniset Anti-Slip-kohdat sormissa lisaavat pitoa.

  • R2 Pros -ajohanska
  • R2 Pros -ajohanska

Valitse koko:
Hyvin istuva ajohanska.

Gel-vaimennettu kämmenosa
Silikoniset Anti-Slip-kohdat sormissa lisäävät pitoa.


The R2 PROS model is for everyone who likes full-fingers gloves. PROS we have equipped with a soft anti-slip PRO GEL padded palm to ensure a comfort and grip. For long-lasting comfort, the gloves are ventilated not only on the top but also to the mesh opening on the palms. Thanks to the leather on the thumb and forefinger, the touch screens can be easily controlled. We can honestly recommend these gloves as one of our most versatile models.

Colour: red, black, green
PRO GEL PADDING significantly reduces shocks and increases comfort.
Made from a flexible material that conforms well to the hand’s shape.
Fingertips with ANTI-SPLI surfaces improve griping of handlebars, brakes, stick.
PADDED PRO padding reduces pressure sore in stressed areas.
Touch screen usable.
STABLE HOLD improves grip security, it has non-slip surfaces.
Made from a breathable material for better heat dissipation from the body.